Sarah Lambert-Mathieson

Divorce Mentor/ Life Coach/ Speaker
Sarah understands how it feels to go through the emotional roller coaster of divorce. She has survived the divorce
process and how to rebuild your happiness by focusing on self-development.
As a Certified Speaker, NLP, and a Life coach Skills, Specialist as a Divorce Mentor, using methods part sounding board and part strategist focusing on you and your emotional, and your personal success.
A public speaker in 2019/2018 in The Business Show / NatWest Bank as a panellist Empowering men and women to discover their full potential with skill in Mindset.

For over 30 years, Sarah has been involved in community matters, providing emotional supporting to couples,
students, women in abusive relationship. My focus is to move you forward after divorce and live life to the full, in your terms.

Become the pinnacle of yourself with new Mindsets Skills

By attending this seminar, you will learn practical skills, in which can be applicable, if you are looking for a
way forwards after a divorce / separation or you just simply want to deal with an emotional situation of
letting go of your past.
Or If you are now ready and want Growth, Inspirations, clarity, success this seminar is for you.
4 Essentials step
we will deal with how you can enhance your happiness in your future, why building a strong Vision for
you are essential/why you need to Plan it / and living the life you want to Create as a single person.