Sarah Hooks

Sarah Hooks by nature has always been entrepreneurial. By age 26 she had already set up and successfully sold several businesses; the pivotal point in her career came when she discovered her passion for working with children and young people.

Now aged 39, Sarah has over 12 years experience in fighting for the right of every child to be given equal opportunities in education and life based on their unique gifts and abilities.
Successfully leading the creation of programmes for and with children and young people, alongside supporting vulnerable adults, has well equipped Sarah for this role.

Having woken 5 years ago finding herself paralysed due to a bone growth, and later facing total paralysis following an accident after major surgery, Sarah took the opportunity to write and champion a new diploma in social leadership, entrepreneurship and employability as an alternative to Apprenticeships, NVQs and A-Levels.

We can change the future through changing education

Sarah Hooks, creator of Relate to Elevate, an organisation challenging people both educationally and personally, will discuss the reasons our current educational system is failing and how we can address it.

Key to this will be how to diminish the roadblocks in existing education, enabling our future generation to thrive in ever-changing and increasingly challenging environments, taking ownership of their dreams through a roadmap for success with the new diploma.