Sally Marshall

Sally worked in the House of Commons for over 25 years, her last role before early retirement being Business Manager in the Department for Information Services. This involved working on business plans, annual reviews, managing a budget of £22m and designing and managing a balanced scorecard for the Board of Directors.
In the last few years, Sally has used these skills to work with smaller businesses on their strategy, planning and KPIs. The challenges are the same; just the number of zeros on the spreadsheets is different!
On this journey, Sally has published two business books – Delegate to Elevate and Know Your Numbers. In 2015 Sally launched a business magazine called “Steer Your Business” which is available free online and in a printed version by subscription. This magazine is designed to share information and promote and support the contributors. It is now attracting contributors from all over the world and creating a lot of interest from High St banks, accountants, solicitors and other professionals.

From the House to the Beach

My business journey has taken me from being an employee in the House of Commons to an entrepreneur with a vision to wake up in the morning with a view of the sea


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