Ryan Pinnick

Ryan Pinnick is the Founder and CEO of SuperGenius, a training and mentoring business based in London with clients around the world.

In the last 3 years Ryan has presented more than 100 workshops to over 18,000 people empowering them to unleash their Genius and Master Self Awareness.

At the age of 26 Ryan quit a successful corporate job to start his first business. The first 4 years were just like anyone else’ with many ups and downs. At 30 he applied a revolutionary self-awareness methodology to his businesses and that’s when he realised that the secret to success wasn’t in tactics but in mastering self-awareness.

Since then Ryan has successfully generated millions of pounds in revenue for his businesses and his clients by helping them overcome self-sabotage and unleashing their Genius.

Unleash your Genius and Master Self Awareness

Your ability to innovate determines whether you are struggling to survive or you are thriving having people chasing you to do business. You will learn the best proven business tactics and strategies from the other speakers at this show but your ability to use your Genius to create something unique in a crowded noisy world is going to massively accelerate your ability to be successful and create long term wealth.

Ryan Pinnick will be speaking in the following theatres:

Startup Theatre 6 - Thursday 15.30 - 16.00: Unleash your Genius and Master Self Awareness


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