Ryan O’Rorke & Assean Sheikh

Ryan O’Rorke & Assean Sheikh are the co-founders of Flavourly, a fast growing, online alcohol e-Commerce marketplace with over 1000+ craft beer & premium spirits to choose from, all available with speedy delivery. 

They are backed by world-class investors and are driving their market through innovation, technology and speed of execution. Their mission is to make quality craft beer affordable and accessible to all beer drinking consumers.``````

Lessons from building a £Multi-Million E-commerce company.

Join Ryan O’Rorke & Assean Sheikh as they give an inside look into starting & scaling an e-Commerce business.

Learn the story of how they started Flavourly from Ryan’s grandmothers-car garage and scaled into a multi-million-pound e-Commerce business now sending out over a million drinks each year to consumers all over the UK.

They will share the challenges they faced and how they overcame them, tips and tricks on how to quickly scale in today’s digital landscape.

The seminar will be divided into numerous topics, such as:
- Getting started,
- Product market fit,
- Acquiring and retaining customers,
- Working on vs. never in your business,
- The right team.
- FREE beer tasting session*

*Not really. But feel free to join Ryan and Assean for one afterwards.

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