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Find The Right Franchise For You

Deciding to run your own business becomes much easier when you chose the `Franchise Option`. Statistically starting your own business on your own, risks a less than 20% chance of success over five years. However starting with a Franchise Business offers over an 80% chance of success over the same period. With over 1,500 Franchise Opportunities from less than £10,000 to over £250,000 there are opportunities for everyone. This seminar outlines the steps to take to consider when planning to run your own business and then illustrates the 7 steps to follow to find your ideal Franchise. Should you own a business that has expansion though Franchise Development potential, then this seminar will interest you also.

About Roy Seaman

Professor Roy Seaman founded Franchise Development Services (FDS) in 1981 and has been involved in many national and international franchise development programmes around the world. He has built a growing network of regional offices in the UK and overseas - all themselves franchised and delivering the full range of FDS services. A tireless ambassador for franchising as an economic growth system, he has visited 43 countries promoting and speaking on many subjects to both business owners considering franchising as a market growth strategy and to foreign governments eager to harness the economic power of franchising. In recognition of Roy`s work in China in the early 1980s, he was awarded an Honorary Professorship of Franchising from the Beijing Normal University. Roy is a Fellow of the Institute of Directors and is a sought-after speaker in all aspects of National and International Franchising. In addition to being a Professor of Franchising, Roy is also a Certified Franchise Executive of the International Franchise Association.

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