Ricky Magalhaes

Ricky Magalhaes is an international cyber-security expert, evangelist and strategist, Ricky has been practising cyber protection for the past 20+ years working with the world’s leading brands.
Ricky sold his cyber security company in 2005 and joined the leadership of a large SI in the UK which was sold to the Datatec group (Logicalis) in Feb 2012. Ricky leads the cyber security division at Logicalis and is responsible for the Security Operations Centre of excellence and for building the strategy for the European cyber security operations.
Ricky is on multiple advisory boards for cyber security vendors, customers and cyber security industry bodies and periodically works with leading analyst firms to help devise strategy and advise on cyber security.
Ricky is a seasoned cyber security data protection architect, Ricky has trained government intelligence agencies and a myriad of other related governmental agencies on various information security disciplines, Ricky speaks at national and international embassies, conferences on behalf of cyber software vendors.
Ricky has overseen and designed cyber security implementations for large entities in excess of 100,000 users and is a trusted advisory for many global fiduciary and insurance institutions and governmental agencies.
Ricky currently heads up the Offshore Security Services Division of Logicalis where he and his team build global security cloud services for international telcos and software vendors. He is also is an advisor for a multitude of cyber security vendors at a board level.
Ricky has been the trusted advisor for many organisations on cyber strategy including Intel, McAfee, Cisco, Microsoft, BAE, Lockheed martin, AT&T, Telefónica, IOD, IBM and many others.
The solutions built by Ricky and his team is now the largest of its kind and has been adopted globally as the leading cloud encryption platform.
Ricky holds a CISSP and has many accolades in information security and information technology. He is well respected in the security fraternity and is seen as a leader in his field, especially in GDPR, Cloud and Cyber security. Ricky has been personally commended by Bill Gates for security work with Microsoft in the security arena. He has chaired the ISC2 user group in the European region where he now resides.
Ricky is a results-driven, dynamic entrepreneur offering over 20 years’ experience leading comprehensive Information Technology Security initiatives. Proven technology leader who excels as a pivotal business partner and provides critical training and leadership to the executive team. Demonstrated ability to learn and teach new concepts, and is always delivering knowledgeable insights into the latest technologies and strategies and can easily adapt to change and manage numerous simultaneous tasks. Successful team and managed security services builder and leader who recognizes the necessity to develop and train an extremely efficient staff. Innovative, high-energy professional with excellent organizational and communication skills and the capacity to assume increasingly significant responsibilities.

Adapting to the challenges of GDPR

In 2018 GDPR became the regulation, the fines are starting to roll in, what are you doing to continuously avoid a breach?
In this talk we will discuss what you should be doing to avoid breaches and how GDPR is affecting companies globally.

Ricky Magalhaes will be speaking in the following theatres:

Theatre 5 - Thursday 11.00 - 11.30: Adapting to the challenges of GDPR