Richard Renson

Richard has vast experience working with people seeking recovery from addiction, trauma and behavioural health issues. As a Psychodynamic Therapist specialising in Workplace Intervention, Addiction, Trauma and Compulsive Behaviour Recovery, Richard specialises in enabling change. With practice in both residential and outpatient settings, Richard has helped many individuals recover to find a new quality of life which they richly deserve.

Richard worked at a senior level for seven years with Priory Group, running the stand-alone secondary treatment unit, The Coach House, before becoming the Learning and Development Specialist for Healthcare at Priory Group. Richard researched, designed, and presented training for clinical, and non-clinical team members across the company.

Since then, Richard has worked with many organisations and individuals including the RSA, National Treatment Agency, supporting several Lords APPGs, two Brighton and Hove MPs.

Richard now leads Service Development for Salutem Health, a pioneering new organisation centred on Workplace Behavioural Health.

Keeping Your Workforce Well

Retention, Talent Management and Productivity are THE top 3 challenges for today’s business owners and HR managers.

The biggest threat to all 3 of these is your employees’ Workplace Behavioural Health – from stress to more serious issues, such as compulsive behaviour, addiction and mental health.

We’ll cover what to do when things go wrong, how to create a culture where things go right, and share insights from the industry.

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