Richard Hanscott

Richard is the Chief Executive Officer of Yell in the UK, leading a business turnaround from a market leading publishing business to one of the UK’s largest digital marketing services providers.

Since joining Yell in 2011, Richard’s focus has included the development of new Digital products, implementation of systems to improve customer experience and operational improvements to reduce costs.

In 2015 he was recognised by Glassdoor as one of the top 25 Global CEOs to work for. Richard’s well known for his inclusive and collaborative leadership style and his instinctive ability to engage people in his vision for the future.

Over the next 18 months Richard has big plans for Yell, continuing the strong Digital growth achieved to date and further establishing the Yell brand as the Market leader in managed marketing services for businesses.

Keep your business ahead of the competition in this ever-changing digital world

Richard shares insight into the changing digital marketplace and the key ways businesses can stay ahead of their competition. This engaging presentation delivers real-life examples of shifting online consumer behaviour, to highlight the increasing importance of digital marketing for businesses. Richard also draws on his experience in leading Yell’s transformation to become one of the largest digital marketing services providers and the biggest reseller of Google AdWords in the UK.

Richard Hanscott will be speaking in the following theatres:

Keynote 2 - Thursday 11.00 - 11.30: Keep your business ahead of the competition in this ever-changing digital world


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