Rajendran Dandapani

After studying Electronics at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology - Madras, Rajendran joined Zoho Corporation as one of its founding members.

He has worn many hats: developer of products, designer of interfaces, conceiver of mobile apps, faculty at the in-house Zoho University, and now, evangelist-at-large for Zoho Corporation.

His work at Zoho reflects a strongly held conviction about ”Big Data + Small Apps”.

That the web is dead; long live the internet.

Growing hand in hand with the company has given him a ringside view of the inner workings of an unusual software powerhouse that looks at itself as a 20-year-young startup at heart.

Earlier, he has also worked as Chief Algorithms Officer at an e-business enabling startup called Xerago.

Beyond work, he is a contra-academician. Feeling strongly that the education system in India needs a reboot, he now walks the talk, doing his small bit by ‘freeschooling’ his 16-year-old son at home.

Conceiving, Nurturing, and Marketing a Software Product - Some unusual approaches

Every amazing idea you come up with, seven others seem to have already thought it up.
Hardly ever does an application end up the way it was originally conceived.
Encouraging the fickle user to adapt their business workflows is easier said than done.
Zoho, in its 20 years of crafting software, has perfected some unusual approaches to handle these dilemmas.
Learn from its success stories and take home lessons for your own product team.

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