Pranay Misra & Roxanne Tanner

Pranay Misra
Pranay is one of Dotsquares’s most established Project Managers, with extensive experience of nurturing startups who need a Website, App, Game or CRM system. With over 8 years of managing projects from start to finish, he can provide high quality advice in terms of what technology solution would best fit your business needs for the long run.

Roxanne Tanner
Roxanne is an established Digital Marketing expert who is all too familiar with helping startups get their products and services in the market. Whilst Social Media Marketing and Facebook Advertising is her forte, she will be able to give you clarity on what other Digital Marketing services can help give your business a voice.

Startups 101 – The complete insight to starting your own business.

It can be really overwhelming when starting a new business, especially when the digital sector is becoming more saturated by the minute. We will be covering essential factors needed to support the growth of your new business venture, such as design, development, finance and marketing to help in getting it digital, and achieve the maximum efficiency to make it a thriving success.

Pranay Misra & Roxanne Tanner will be speaking in the following theatres:

Theatre 13 - Thursday 12.30 - 13.00: Startups 101 – The complete insight to starting your own business.