Phadera Flash

Phadera is an entrepreneur and business women. She bought her first property in 1987 and have been involved in various business ventures. Her experience, knowledge and contacts are vast.

As a single mother of 4 she has faced many challenges and obstacles and has adopted a spirit which has enabled her to learn and overcome the perils of life.

Property has been her business and her resource. According to Phadera there are many ways to invest in property. Personal finance is not always the essential tool she believes many people hold themselves back because they do not the finance to move forward.

Phadera believes, we are our biggest asset and in each one of us there is a potential property waiting to be built.


Property Means Business

This seminar will inspire anyone who has an interest in property. To enable them to take action to acquire and grow a property business empire, irrespective of whether they own, rent or just know about a property. They will leave with the mindset that “Property Means Business”