Paul Palmarozza

He has 55 years of business experience, 50 of which have been in managerial roles, including starting an e-learning business in 1987 which grew to become publicly listed on the London AIM Stock Exchange in 2001. He retired from the company in 2011.

In 2012 he founded If I Can…CIC, a Community Interest Company which offers a free Mindfulness based Values apps for individuals and schools, See and Ethical Entrepreneur, which provides guidance on the practical application of fine human values in business. See

He is currently also a Guest Lecturer at Regents University-London on their Entrepreneurship program.

He has written 3 books, From Principles to Profit-The Art of Moral Management, If I can…Timeless Values for Today and In Praise of Silence as well as many published articles.
His education includes a BS in Engineering, an MBA and Special Diploma in Education Studies from Oxford University.

Ethical Entrepreneur-A Values Based Approach to Sustainable Success

Business management can be greatly improved when guided by natural human values such as honesty, courage, and determination. When put into practice business values like credibility, innovation and productivity manifest, which are the foundation of a sustainable, responsible business. We will look at the application of 30 values in the performance of 9 core management functions, showing that business can be ethical & effective, principled & profitable, conscious & commercial.