Paul Freudenberg

Paul Freudenberg is a Business Efficiency Consultant and founder of Awardaroo!
From childhood he’s loved making, fixing and improving things, such as Lego bricks and go-carts, so they worked better. Over the past 30 years, an Engineer turned Entrepreneur and Project Manager, he’s used all of his experience to help struggling service businesses discover the secret behind underperforming service, marketing, and sales.
10 years ago, Paul had a light bulb moment. He created Bridgebox, a cool tool which informs the root cause of lost business as well as a coaching programme to create new behaviours
Paul’s clients tell him that his innovative project-based approach ‘puts them on a new performance path’ to become exceptional businesses, one behaviour at a time.
Now they can have happy clients and a good life-work balance and Paul, when not fixing and improving, the chance to spend time with his young family, discovering the world!

From struggling to high-performing workplaces. What lies over the hill?

In the Wizard of Oz film, Dorothy sang in ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ about a hopeful place where dreams come true.
In this presentation, I show you how Productivity is not just the stuff of dreams. The right Productivity mindset, insights, and actions will help struggling service companies be the rewarding, award-winning businesses they’d love to be. For their clients a place where they are guaranteed a great experience.


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