Nigel Botterill

Nigel Botterill is a straight-talking UK entrepreneur and bestselling author who has built eight separate £million+ businesses from scratch. Nigel is passionate about business/marketing; he now devotes a big chunk of his time to helping other entrepreneurs.

I do this by sharing my business growth and marketing expertise in lots of different ways. Mentoring, training, and teaching – it’s all practical marketing help for UK business owners and it’s having a heck of an impact.
I’ve spent the last ten years investing heavily in learning from the very best in the world. This learning now gets fed back to the Entrepreneurs Circle members.
I’m very proud of the fact that Entrepreneur’s Circle is now the largest membership organisation in the UK devoted to business growth.

18 Secrets that Super Successful Business Owners Know and Do… …that most business owners either don''t know or don''t do!!

In this high energy, fast paced, and engaging seminar, one of the UK''s top entrepreneurs, and founder of Entrepreneurs Circle, Nigel Botterill, will share with you ''18 Secrets that Super-Successful Business Owners Know & Do...that most Business Owners either Don''t Know or Don''t Do''.

His refreshingly blunt analysis and straight-talking style makes this seminar a session that you simply won''t want to miss - whatever business or sector you are in - it will help you loads. You won''t just get great ideas but also tips and guidance that makes implementation easy.

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