Nigel Botterill

Putting a Rocket Up It: what it takes to double your business in 12 months

Nigel will be sharing how he managed to double his already successful business in under 12 months; including what a meeting with Sir Richard Branson had to do with it, and the practical steps that you`ll need to take if you want to do it with your business.

About Nigel Botterill

Nigel Botterill is a hugely successful serial entrepreneur and best-selling author. In 2010 he founded the Entrepreneurs Circle, now the UK`s largest membership organisation dedicated to helping businesses grow.

In the last 8 years, Nigel has built EIGHT separate £1m+ business brands, from scratch, right here in the UK, and won a shedload of awards along the way. No-one knows better than him what it takes to launch, build and grow big businesses at breakneck speed.

Nigel has worked with thousands of ambitious UK business owners to dramatically accelerate the growth of their businesses. Famously blunt and forthright, Nigel rarely speaks in public, preferring to share his business growth nuggets at closed-door events exclusively for Entrepreneurs Circle members.

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