Neville Beardsmore

Neville Beardsmore is the Managing Director and Lead Consultant for Chapelfields, set up in 2001 and specialising in helping companies develop Customer Service Excellence.

Neville works with organisations to design bespoke customer focused training which works, helping them grow and gain financial success.

Chapelfields’ aim is to increase your customer satisfaction and loyalty ratings by training staff to handle customer emotions effectively. Additional benefits of this include: reduced customer handling times; increase in sales through service; reduced customer complaints; and increased staff morale and retention due to improved ability to handle customers well and reduce stress levels.

In times where resources and budgets are stretched to their limit, ultimately it is the service received by your customers which will enable you to stand out from your competitors. Chapelfields work covers both public and private sectors and have worked with customer service teams from 12 to 300 in number.

The Secret to Delighting Customers and Maximising Customer Satisfaction

All customers bring two things which need either addressing or resolving: 1. their query and 2. emotion. Most staff are trained to handle the customer’s query, not their emotion, and therefore deal with the query or problem without pacifying, reassuring and relaxing the customer first, making it more challenging and longer to resolve. This seminar lets you in on the secrets to handling customers more efficiently and ultimately increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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