Melanie Philippides

Melanie Philippides is a BACP registered counsellor & life coach, providing counselling services in London and coaching online. She specialises in helping people recover from psychological trauma and abuse from within relationships, in particular, from partners with personality disorders. She has over ten years of experience in the field of counselling and coaching, providing her clients with support in trauma recovery and the inner tools necessary to build confidence, self-esteem and personal power. So that they emerge stronger and wiser from the experience, in better health and with more focus and motivation for work. Her integrative approach of counselling and coaching results in self-transformation that is speedy and enjoyable.
Don’t let your past determine your future: contact Melanie to find out more.

“I’m Done” – How Relationship Trauma Can Sabotage Your Business

Your psychological well-being plays a big part in determining the success of your business. Stress, psychological abuse and trauma caused by relationships in your personal life – both current and past- can have a significant impact on your mental health and consequently affect your motivation, physical health, focus and work productivity. I will show you why throwing yourself into more work as a method of distraction can hinder your Company’s progress.