Matt Hubbard

Video Marketing is rapidly becoming the most important marketing medium in the digital space we now find ourselves, a shift that Matt Hubbard has seen develop over the last 10 years. Matt is a founding Director of Award winning Video Production company Reels in Motion, a full service, hassle free, video production company. Reels help organisation’s of all sizes produce standout video content. Specialising in brand awareness as well as returns on the video marketing budget, Matt is going to discuss the changing landscape of video marketing, how it applies to all business and the key things to consider when looking at your content and your video marketing partner. The take away from the seminar will be the knowledge to either improve the video content you are already producing for your organisation or everything you need to make sure you see high returns on your video marketing from the outset.

How to win business with video marketing

Video content is everywhere. It’s the most consumed marketing medium with over 1 billion users on YouTube. Video marketing can no longer be ignored by businesses of any size. This seminar will give the audience an insight of the best was to use video marketing and how these could be applied to your business as well as giving you an understanding on the return on invest.


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