Manuela Marchetti & Melissa Farington

Manuela Marchetti - Prior to joining Investors in People as Head of Product in 2017, Manuela spent fourteen years in the FinTech sector where she worked across sales, product development and management roles. In her current position with Investors in People, Manuela oversees the development of both existing and future products. Manuela is driven by her ambition to ensure that as many people as possible are able to enjoy a workplace that supports everything from their health and wellbeing, to their training and development.

Mellissa Farrington - Mel is a Product Manager at Investors in People. As an English Language and Literature graduate and having started her career in marketing, Mel’s route into product development was a happy accident – finding a place to realise her talents, apply her creativity and insist that things can be better. Now she can’t stop talking about great user experiences.

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