Malcolm Watkins

I have been involved with the buying and selling of small businesses since leaving school. This was originally in my family’s convenience stores business. I then worked for several Business Brokers at senior level where I gained experience in selling businesses across all sectors throughout the country with deal values ranging from £10,000 to over £5,000,000. I started my own firm, Falcon Commercial in 2010.

How To Sell A Business

So You’re thinking of selling your Business! My seminar will look at when is the right time to start thinking about selling your business and preparing it for sale. We will then look at whether its best for you to sell it yourself or use a Business Broker/Business Transfer Agent, along with how to market it for sale. The seminar will finish with a Q & A session on the seminar and I will also answer questions as a fellow business owner. I employ staff, have premises etc and all the joys that go with that privilege!


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