Maarten Bessems

Maarten holds a MSc. degree from the Maastricht University in Mathematical Economics and is also considered to be an expert in the spreadsheet auditing world.
He has over 15 years of experience as economical analyst and quantitative consultant for both profit and non-profit organisations.
Throughout his career, Maarten provided key decision makers in the banking, accountancy and real estate industry with accurate planning- and investment decision models.
He has built and audited hundreds of small and large Excel models, which gave him detailed insight into the possibilities and drawbacks of using Excel.
For this reason he founded in 2011. is a Maastricht based company in the Netherlands with as core business, creating the most powerful Excel add-in audit tool for reviewing spreadsheets for all kinds of Excel users in all sorts of industries.
These tools are available for all Excel users who want to build Error-Free spreadsheets and want to be absolutely certain that their calculations are free of errors.

Mastering Errors in Excel: Keep the Roses, Avoid the Thorns

Cloud accounting and finance apps were supposed to replace Excel because they were designed to reduce the risk of errors. Years later, Excel is going stronger than ever because it is so flexible and powerful. Yet the thorny prick of a hard-coding error has been felt by every financial.

How do you work with Excel safely?
- Get a model use case for using Excel that dramatically reduces the likelihood of error
- Find out how to find and remove the thorns (errors)
- Checking spreadsheets goes much further than simple built-in cross-checking methods.

Learn which tool is out there to provide Excel users with the right methods to audit and build Error-Free spreadsheets.


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