Luke Graham

Luke started his career at non-profit in Sheffield, before training as an accountant with Tesco in London. Luke has held a range of financial management roles in start-ups and corporates alike, in a career that has seen him lead teams in China, Thailand and New York, USA. Luke is the Co-founder of Tech & the beancounters and is passionate about helping start-ups and SMEs get real value from their financials.

Finance & Budgeting for Start-Ups

Join Tech & the Beancounters, as they take you through the tools and practices that will help you take control of your company’s finances.
The session will cover common challenges faced by start-ups/SMEs, financial controls, budgeting and key learnings for those wanting to raise equity or debt.
Whether you are a Founder, Director or just curious about finance, this session will help you identify and address some of the key issues faced by your firm.

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