Lorraine Rees

After 20 years in financial services, Lorraine founded IR-connect in 2014 as a boutique investor relations consultancy firm.

During her time in the City, she realised that there was limited support available for small and medium sized companies who wanted to maximize the impact of their investor communications. With her experience and expertise, she has addressed this gap in the market.

Since launching IR-connect, she has provided practical, hands-on IPO support, training courses for people new to the area or looking to expand their skills, and conducted in-depth shareholder sentiment studies to help companies position their investment case.

Preparing your business for IPO

A stock market listing offers significant opportunities to grow your business, and to realise the value you have created. During this session, we will look at the benefits of having listed shares, set out a clear and structured guide to the IPO (stock market listing) process, look at the continuing obligations once you are listed, and identify tools you can use to build successful long-term relationships with the stock market.

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