Linzi Boyd

Linzi Boyd is a serial entrepreneur, international speaker, award-winning Global Author and Founder of BoB Group. 

By age 24 she had set up and sold two businesses - her second company, which had seven global distribution channels, was sold to Caterpillar. Her third business, Surgery Group, became renowned for influencing an industry, championing some of the country''s most well-respected high-street consumer brands known today. 
Linzi co-founded the BoB Group with Darren Shirlaw, and today works alongside him acting as an ambassador in the enterprise market, teaching entrepreneurs how to design, build a brand led business for bigger valuation and scale, creating
the face of modern business.

1 Earth, 1 billion purposes: Business Leaders to World Leaders

What if you could do something different with your life, that makes a positive impact on your family, friends, industry, even the world. The 21st century is about shifting industries toward a balance between nature and technology
and how these two come together to create harmony.
What if you could join a ‘quiet revolution’, connecting people, business owners and world leaders from first world and developing countries together to impact industries to shift the world.


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