Lesley Jones

After 20 years climbing the corporate ladder, yet another restructure left Lesley on the side-lines, not somewhere she was used to being. So, after some soul searching she decided to leave to set up her own business.
Lesley started her working life as a Civil Engineer and after a few years moved into the Financial Services sector, initially developing dealing room software but gradually moving into the world of finance. It was there she discovered her natural ability to challenge the status quo and bring the right people together to deliver complex programmes across the bank. A much needed skill that not everyone possessed.
The transition from employee to entrepreneur has been challenging and lonely at times, but it has been extremely rewarding. Lesley is now on a mission to use her hindsight as your foresight and help enthusiastic individuals to transition successfully from employee to entrepreneur.

Delivering the lifestyle you always promised yourself.

The perceived attraction of being your own boss, having more time and money to enjoy life, was compelling. So, you left your well-paid job and set up your own business. A few years pass and the long hours, lack of support, erratic cash-flow and loneliness take their toll. This seminar will help you build a practical framework to take your business and your lifestyle to the next level.

Lesley Jones will be speaking in the following theatres:

Theatre 15 - Thursday 12.30 - 13.00: Delivering the lifestyle you always promised yourself.