Konstantin Boyko

Konstantin Boyko is the visionary CEO at JustCoded – a web development company focused on FinTech. With more than 10 years of experience in IT, he has worked his way from a software developer to CEO. Konstantin is
passionate about innovation, drives the company forward with his bold ideas, and keeps a close eye on the challenges in the world of financial technology. He never stops studying and sharing knowledge with those around him. Being a regular at FinTech conferences and meetups around the globe, he always aims to meet new and intelligent people to inspire him and his work.

Benefits and challenges of P2P lending and other FinTech platforms

Online peer-to- peer lending platforms have made loans accessible to a wider audience through digital technologies. The volume of loan applications and approvals through these platforms is growing every year and is already measured in billions of pounds the UK. In this seminar, we’ll review common challenges faced by those starting and running P2P lending platforms and other FinTech solutions, and ways to effectively overcome them by using 3rd party providers.


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