Millie Wilson

As one half of Tea & Tequilla Trading, Millie in is based in London while business partner Sarah Goodwin is based in Mexico City. Having studied together at Bristol University and retained a very close friendship, they decided to make the most of daily conversations and frequent visits across the Atlantic.

Sarah always mentioned Mexican delights missing from the UK and Millie often travelled to Mexico with British goods, so the two decided these rich cultures should share their finest pieces with the other and so Tea & Tequila Trading was created.

The entrepreneurs trade Mexico’s artisan Mezcal for London’s dry gin and have been since 2015. They have adapted as the company has grown over the last year due to external demand and new insights, and now also design and create beautiful accessories and jewellery with Mexican artisans.

Millie Wilson explains how to import and export from day one.

Business Advice interviews Millie Wilson, co-founder of Tea & Tequilla Trading, about the first few years of the company’s operations – importing and exporting goods from day one.

Delving into the detail of carving out markets in two different countries, Millie will explain the intricacies of importing and exporting alcohol, working with local designers and what it’s like setting up a business with one of your best friends.