Ampika Pickston and Grace Fodor

I started my business three years ago and I wanted to create a place that ladies and gentlemen felt secure and happy to discuss their personal needs and concerns. Ultimately, we have the pleasure in sourcing the right treatments and direction to meet there requirements delivering the best possible outcome for each and every client.

Grace Fodor:

BBC's 'Be Your Own Boss' expert & Founder of innovative, cult new makeup brand STUDIO | 10 taking UK by storm! Described by India Knight, Sunday Times Style, as 'genius'. Grace has an ethos of supporting other women to look, feel and achieve their very best, at any age! Grace has been working in the beauty industry for over a decade – developing both brands and products, before that she co-founded a Marcoms agency.

Feeling Good and Looking Good

I shall be talking about the importance of health and wellbeing, how feeling good inside makes you feel good on the outside.


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