Kelly Goss

At Solvaa – Discovering Efficiency, we connect your business and finance tools and help you simplify and improve your processes. We help you save time, reduce costs and stay agile.
Kelly Goss, our founder, has always had a passion for solving problems. She started her career as a microbiologist in the pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing industries, leading product quality improvement projects. She then moved into entrepreneurship by co-founding a start-up veterinary clinic. Her operational role gave her first-hand experience of the productivity struggles businesses can face, and how they can thrive by embracing technology. Kelly is now a business process consultant, Xero Certified Adviser and Certified Zapier Expert. Kelly describes herself as a “creative problem solver” and a passionate advocate of digital automation and continuous improvement. She helps SMEs analyse their operations, problem solve and implement simplified, automated workflows to improve efficiency in sales, operations and financial administration processes.

Key steps to increasing business productivity with workflow automation

It is common for a business to have core processes that run independently of each other. You may have the right tools in place but they do not communicate. Your team may spend countless manual administrative hours collating, entering and moving information between different business applications and performing repetitive tasks. Understand how to analyse your business processes, identify manual and repetitive tasks, and implement simplified, automated workflows to improve efficiency.