Judith Wright

Judith Wright was born and bred in Yorkshire and is renowned for her no nonsense, straight forward approach to life and business. Judith has headed up a Marketing Agency for the last seventeen years and has worked with thousands of small businesses as they headed on their journey to success. She has developed a tried and tested five part marketing system which her clients follow. She is also an author, speaker, and adds weight to the statement if you want something doing ask a busy person. Her mantra for life is, ‘if you aren’t living life on the edge you are taking up too much space’.

How to Maximise your Marketing

You need to stand out of the sea of sameness and when you do you will see an excellent return on investment and increased revenue. Get it wrong and you may as well let your money blow away in the wind. In this seminar Judith takes you through a formula for marketing success and shares how to make your conversion funnel and customer journey as slick as possible.


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