Jude Faultless

Jude Faultless is a marketing strategist and copywriter with 20 years’ experience working for global brands such as Tesco, Shell and GE Capital. She set up her own agency, Faultless Copywriting as a flexible marketing resource delivering strategic thinking, online content, communication and copywriting services. She works with small businesses that don’t have the capacity in-house and larger organisations who value the responsive service a small agency delivers. Her clients range from kitchen table start-ups to high street brands and multinationals. Jude ensures your business makes the most of every opportunity you have to communicate with your customer, turning your web pages, blogs and catalogues into sales.

“Jude is one of those rare people who gets the job done really well, with minimal fuss, complete professionalism and a light touch that makes you think it’s easy even when you know it definitely isn’t.” Tara Benson, Brand and Communications Director, JustPark.

7 questions: how to create compelling content that drives sales.

Overwhelmed by the constant need for content? This strategic approach to content creation achieves your goals without wasting time and money. Whether you want to create awareness or drive sales, these 7 questions ensure you get your message across. Because writing effective copy is not about perfect grammar and an ability to write to a word count (although that helps). It starts with understanding your goals and your audience.

Jude Faultless will be speaking in the following theatres:

Theatre 14 - Wednesday 15.30 - 16.00: 7 questions: how to create compelling content that drives sales.


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