Jordan Phillips

Jordan is WebBox’s Account and Business Development Manager.
With an MSc in Strategic Digital Marketing and having previously run his own digital marketing agency, Jordan is acutely aware of the challenges faced by SMEs and large enterprises in the digital economy. This enables Jordan to effectively identify the web and marketing needs of prospective and current clients alike.
When he is not busy managing the company’s broad client base, Jordan spends his time identifying growth opportunities for the business and attending meetings and events across the country
With a diverse career history behind him, including time spent as a University lecturer and managing director of a ski holiday company, Jordan brings a wealth of experience to the company.

Why website user experience is key and how to optimise for it

In the majority of cases, we have a website to generate enquiries / sales. If your website isn''t doing this then you''re missing out on a massive opportunity. This workshop will give you the tools to implement improvements to your website quickly and easily.
User experience is key! Far too often, we design websites and platforms based on our needs.