Jon Moorhouse

Jon has been providing legal support to businesses of all sizes for 20 years on a range of commercial and intellectual property issues. He started at international ‘Magic Circle’ law firm Allen & Overy, and has worked in-house at a number of global corporates, including over 10 years as Senior Counsel at Shell, where amongst other things he was a legal focal point for Shell Ventures, advising on spin-outs and investments in third party start-ups and scale-ups.

Jon is now a partner at Keystone Law, a top 100 UK law firm. He also recently set up Venture Adventures with his graphic designer wife, to capture in one place all the information, and links to service providers, that small businesses need to start and grow, including information and infographics on a variety of business legal issues, some of which he’ll touch on in the presentation.

Legal Ease – Business Law Essentials For Non-Lawyers

Not a fan of ‘legalese?’ Looking for a clear explanation of essential legal areas for your business? Experienced commercial/IP lawyer Jon Moorhouse will take you on a brief tour through some of these areas, looking at some of the key considerations for businesses in each case.


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