John-Paul Byrne

John-Paul Byrne, founder of The Digital Coaching University teaches life coaches, business coaches, trainers, authors, healers, speakers, consultants and entrepreneurs how to become part of “The Digital Coaching Revolution” by creating their own online courses and coaching programs.

Following 18 years in the software industry, John-Paul became passionate about how to coach online and help those without any techie or marketing skills, create digital businesses. His technical, business & coaching background uniquely position him to help people successfully launch their digital products and online programs quickly.

Are you ready to turn what you know, what you’ve been through or simply use your existing coaching skills to create wealth, become an online expert and make a difference to more people?

How To Create A Digital Product That People Really Want

What if you had a simple recipe to figure out the kinds of digital products people really want? What if you could tap into exactly what they are thinking and build a community of people hungry for your courses? Most people have great ideas for digital products, online courses or coaching programs that sadly never work. In this seminar John-Paul reveals how you can launch highly desirable digital products easily.

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