John F Kettley

John F Kettley is fast becoming known as one of the UK’s top inspirational speakers on how to achieve your true potential in building a high-income wealth creating business.
Having stated built and sold many his own businesses in multiple market sectors, John has experienced just about every challenge a business owner will ever face which is why his presentations and business development seminars are so valuable to hear and learn from.
David P Marshall is a lead generation expert having over 20 years’ experience, focused on using the digital world to create real world business enquiries. He converts the esoteric world of digital marketing into real world business leads

How to Build A High Income Business through lead generation.

It’s never been easier to start and build a wealth creating business, the challenge for most, is in how to avoid being one of the 70% of businesses that fail in their first 3 years of trading.

In this highly engaging seminar you’ll learn the ‘Entrepreneur formula’ that all highly successful businesses use to create extraordinary success and avoid the traps that cause most businesses to fail.


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