John Attridge

John is the founder of BBXUK the business community who does business with one another as a priority [ a bit of you scratch my back ill scratch yours ! ] He has worked at multinationals like Microsoft Lend Lease and Cocoa Cola but is best known for founding growing and selling businesses for multimillion pound sums – primarily in the complementary currency sector . He also sits on various boards as a NED covering multiple sectors . As an Australian and British passport holder he has worked in multiple countries and has an avid interest in cricket having spent more than a decade on the ECB umpire panel

The 4 biggest business killers

Many people in business survive despite their best efforts not to ! They suffer from 4 main business diseases and illnesses that kill the majority ! What can you do to be more likely to be one of the less than 40% of businesses that survive and thrive past 5 years ? John will share take away tips based on 41 years of doing it not theory !