Jason Thickpenny

Jason Thickpenny is Business Development Manager for Khaos Control Cloud and the owner and
founder of Rocket Railways, an ecommerce business selling items for model railways. He left school
with no professional qualifications but possess ample quantities of hard work, determination and grit.
Jason is not a millionaire, he is not trying to sell a book and has never been featured on a BBC
Breakfast slot. Jason is a regular, hard-working individual who alongside his role at Khaos Control Cloud
runs a successful ecommerce business.

How the Greater Business Show 2017 Motivated Me to Start a Business.

A look in to Jason Thickpenny’s experience at the business show 2017. How this inspired him to start a business,
how the business is going and the lessons that Jason has learned along the way. An informative talk with advice
that won’t even be in Joe Valentine’s book.