Jason Thickpenny

Jason has spent over 17 years working in the sales industry. At 16, after failing every O Level he partook in, he started his own company. This taught him the difficulty of running a business without technology. Jason then gained a variety of diverse experience working for multinational companies, most notably in software development.

His mission is to help as many businesses realise the potential technology has, no matter how complicated it seems. He wants to spread the message that business is all about making mistakes, learning from them, and moving forward. The UK needs businesses with big ambitions. Jason is here to help you grow your enterprise by improving and streamlining how you operate.

Outside business, Jason is a keen ping pong player and fan of the toon army (hence a few grey hairs too early in life).

Using Technology to Help Your Business Growth

You want your business to grow? But how do you do it when you have so much to do? What types of products are available that will help you automate and grow your empire?

Jason Thickpenny will be speaking in the following theatres:


  • Boryana Hristova: Speaking at The Business Startup Show

    Boryana Hristova

    Pros and cons of being an female entrepreneur

  • Karen Melonie Gould: Speaking at The Business Startup Show

    Karen Melonie Gould

    How to Prepare and Source Investment for your Company to start/grow in this crowded market using software and experience

  • Charles Millar: Speaking at The Business Startup Show

    Charles Millar

    How to Build a Profitable Ecommrce Business

  • Tom Baigrie: Speaking at The Business Startup Show

    Tom Baigrie

    Protecting your business and your family