Janet Efere

Janet Efere is an award-winning sales trainer and coach, who set up her business – Tadpole Training - with no money (she had to use the wifi in McDonalds because she couldn’t afford internet at home) but with a very strong belief that she could help people to sell better.
She is on a mission to make sales and selling easy for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Many of them have never had training on sales before setting up a business - not only do they lack skills and knowledge, but they often lack confidence. Yet sales is vital – if you can’t sell, you don’t have a business! Janet is an engaging and participative trainer and speaker and delivers talks with enthusiasm and humour. Most importantly, participants always leave with golden nuggets of wisdom they can use straight away in their own business.
Janet is based in Enfield, north London.

Stop Selling at a Discount!!!

Do you find yourself competing on price, even though you offer better quality than your competitors? Do you hate being asked for a discount all the time? Imagine charging - and getting - a fair price for what you do. Picture clients who don’t mind paying your prices. If that sounds good, come to this seminar and learn some practical strategies you can use right away, to banish discounting forever.