James Lancaster & Emmaleigh Ough

As the Sales Manager for Yoti Sign, James brings to market the world''s first digital signature product that enables identity verification at the point of signing. This state of the art technology provides a tamper proof way of sending documents. Emmaleigh joined James'' team at Yoti Sign earlier this year after successfully working in business development within Yoti. Together they are responsible for developing new business streams, driving growth and revenue for Yoti Sign. They have over 16 years of experience between them and a proven track record of helping organisations grow. Within Yoti Sign both James and Emmaleigh are successfully helping businesses streamline their current processes, reduce cost, increase efficiency and helping the environment at the same time.

How can you enhance the security of document signing?

Do we ever really know who is signing documents? With technology on the rise people are finding it easier to forge signatures. We will go through how a digital identity can help ensure documents are being signed by the relevant person and how this can help reduce problems such as email phishing and hacking.