Jacqueline Rogers

Jacqueline Rogers helps driven female entrepreneurs to identify, attract and serve their ideal clients by teaching them how to
network effectively and effortlessly.

After leaving her corporate career in 2005, Jacqueline found that it was not easy getting clients for her training and coaching
practice. Encouraged by her business mentor to network she found that she could not find one that she enjoyed so she created her own.

The Athena Network launched in December 2006, and now is now a national franchise organisation serving businesswomen
throughout the UK with over 130 meetings a month and globally with the online training.

As the Franchisor of The Athena Network, Jacqueline specialises in recruiting and developing relationships with women who
have become disenfranchised with their corporate career, burnt out, frustrated and are seeking an opportunity where they can have a flexible lifestyle and a generous income by serving businesswomen in their community.


Business can be simple, it is people that make it complicated! In the 21st Century we are striving to succeed and we often think more = more. That’s the equation for making money. More action. More clients. More products. More time. More energy.

What if NONE of that were true?

What if less = more?

The truth is...less does equal more.

Constraint and simplicity are the fastest way to make money and I''ll share with you why and what you can do about it in this presentation..


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