Jacqueline Lawrence

Jacqueline is a Business Strategy and Development coach who inspires and supports the business community, including helping entrepreneurs through the early start-up stages of their ventures as well as engaging with long-term, well established organisations, specifically coaching them through the challenges encountered in their business operations and supporting them with growth and expansion strategies. As part of Jaqueline’s development coaching, she offers career coaching to individuals looking to reinvent themselves, change profession or step-up a level on their career ladder. Her coaching is tailored to her clients to enable them to move towards reaching their best potential both personally and in their business.
Prior to coaching Jacqueline worked for over 10 years in the corporate, banking and financial services sector as a legal advisor, She is a member of the ICF (International Coach Federation).

How to manage your inner critic - understanding Imposter Syndrome.

That inner voice which tells you you’re not good enough, you’re out of your depth and the phenomenon known as Imposter Syndrome, all create an invisible wall holding you back from reaching your potential. This seminar looks at what Imposter Syndrome is, how it impacts us and what strategies can be used to manage it.


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