Influencer Panel Session

Hannah Witton is an online content creator who talks openly with her audience about taboo topics such as sex and disability. She's written thesex education book Doing It and hosts the podcast of the same name. And her second book The Hormone Diaries all about periods and contraception came out earlier this year.

Grace Victory is an award winning vlogger and columnist for Happiful magazine.

Grace shares her story on problems that all young people face, as well as topics that are perceived taboo, by speaking openly about mental health and other personal battles. Grace’s content has a focus of plus size fashion, body positivity and the importance of self-care.

Bethan Leadley is a musician, presenter, YouTuber and Instagrammer with a flair for fashion, and a love for experimenting with both her sound and look.

With a combined audience of over 300,000, she has presented a weekly music chart show for 4music, and recently released a new single, Chic.

Sophie Milner is a London based blogger, podcast host and all round relatable voice for her audience. A former journo with a hilarious take on the female experience; she’s covered topics ranging from crying in public, to grabbing joy by the balls.

Lucy Moon has been a voice and inspiration for her audience since she was just 14 years old. With a signature look of neutral tones, a big old smile and the disposition of an older sister; she's a vlogger, blogger, and podcast host.

Influencer Panel Session

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