Helen Fisher

Helen is a business psychologist specialising in helping organisations to become more effective through their people.
She has led long-term, in-depth projects on four continents with over 70 organisations (including FTSE100). She has worked in most major commercial sectors, as well as the public sector. All her interventions are tailor-made, with a track record of measurable results – devising and implementing programmes on leadership skills, change management, communication, customer focus, career guidance, and interpersonal skills, among others.
She also coaches board level members including two-star generals, senior civil servants, managing partners of global law firms, and CEOs from banking, retail, digital and property businesses.
Helen studied at the Universities of Cambridge (graduating top of her year) and Bristol. She has an MSc in Organisational Psychology and a Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship, is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.

Improving People Skills in your Organisation – Tips and Traps

For organisations whose people’s technical skills exceeds their people skills. Using practical tips and research from business psychology, find out how to design and deliver training and development that actually works, that lasts, and that can demonstrate measurable impact and return on investment.


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