Gillian McLaren

Gillian McLaren is a Senior Business Advisor with Startup Direct and joins the team from Toronto, Canada. Gillian

has spent the last 5+ years assisting young entrepreneurs launch and grow new business start-ups across Canada

and has recently made the move to the UK. With a background in Fine Art and Graphic Design, Gillian has used

her creativity and small business experience to assist in the mentorship and support of hundreds of


Startup Direct has funded over 1,500 businesses and is currently funding over 60 startups every month.

Financing That Turns Your Idea Into Your Business

Find out how to get access to funding and mentoring for your business. This seminar talks about the different

sources of funding available and focuses in on the funding and support available under the government-backed

Start Up Loans Scheme.

Find out if you are eligible for the funding and support available through government-backed Schemes such as

the Start Up Loans and Start & Grow Schemes.

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