George Seward

Specialist Deal Maker George Seward has a wealth of experience in the corporate finance sector. Initially setting up a corporate finance practice in Leeds; he moved on to establish Corporate Mergers in 2001 which operates in the small end of the SME market.

Through his extensive experience of buying and selling businesses in the food industry, George has developed a unique set of skills aimed at bringing together vendors and purchasers through targeting. He is able to understand business needs and has advised numerous purchasers and vendors across a variety of sectors. Most of the deals he advises on are sub £5m purchase price, but recently has negotiated 3 cross border deals in excess of £10m.

George has presented to a variety of audiences and offers a unique insights and learnings from the deal makers table. 

Purchasing Privately Owned Businesses

Purchasing Privately Owned Businesses is a summary of the many steps, processes and stages required to successfully acquire a small privately owned business. Areas covered in this experienced based presentation will include target identification and acquisition strategy; liaising with finance and legal professionals and building your team; valuation observations and negotiating your way through the challenges of completing a deal. 


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