Fergus Crockett

Hi, I''m Fergus Crockett, very proud son, husband and father.
I have been very fortunate to spend the last thirty years working and leading in senior executive roles across multiple business sectors in both large and small businesses.
I have enjoyed nearly every minute of the challenges and successes of my business career.
Not everyone in business is so lucky or fortunate.
I want every business owner to have access to the best advice for their business when they need it.
I started Crockett & Co. to help business owners and executives.
Business success today needs you to be excellent at every element of your business.
At Crockett & Co. We strive to give you expert advice when you need it
At Crockett & Co. Your Success is Our Business.

Controlling and Harnessing the Imposter Syndrome to Grow and Flourish

The Imposter Syndrome creates enormous fear and anxiety which affects business performance and our enjoyment of work.
This fear and anxiety impacts almost 70% of people in business.
The session will examine the root causes and drivers of the Imposter Syndrome then focus on personal strategies that will allow you to remove the fear and use elements of the syndrome to help you grow and flourish.