Dominic McGregor

Dominic is the 24-year-old co-founder and COO of The Social Chain, an award-winning social first marketing agency and social media publishing house with offices in London, Manchester, Berlin and New York. The group owns 400 digital communities and is able to reach over 386 million, working with brands such as Superdry, Warner Music, New Balance and Coca-Cola. Dominic is a speaker, entrepreneur and an advocate for young people’s mental health and personal development in business.

The Dark Side of Growing a Business in 2018

Dominic will challenge the glamourised perception of being a young entrepreneur and discuss the hardships he
experienced in running a global marketing agency at 24. Including actionable tips on social media and running a
business, Dominic will discuss the dark sides of the social media and how to create something more meaningful
than just a ‘highlight reel’ online in 2018.


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