David Luper

David has been successfully sourcing products in China since 1980 originally as a wholesaler, then as an importer.
For the last 20 years David has been very successful in buying distressed retail companies from administration, turning them round, rolling them out, then selling them. His successes to date include North Shoe, Poundzone, The Original Factory Shop Group, JTF Wholesale and The Works, of which he was part of the rescue team in 2008 from administration. The Works has recently floated on the Stock Market this year with 445 stores.
In addition, David worked with his son Daniel in 2004, establishing a sourcing company which became Custom Sourcing, and is now one of the U.K., s leading sourcing companies from China.
During his 38-year career David became one of the most experienced UK sourcer of products in China. Now in semi-retirement his knowledge and expertise are invaluable to those considering importing from China.

Learn how to save money sourcing your products in China

David''s presentation will explain why companies should reduce their costs by sourcing their products in China, and how best to go about it.
David will explain about working with the correct factory in China, getting absolute confidentiality, negotiating the best price, getting the quality and packaging right, and organising shipments on time. He will discuss the potential pitfalls in importing from China and how best to avoid them.

David Luper will be speaking in the following theatres:

Theatre 6 - Thursday 14.45 - 15.15: Learn how to save money sourcing your products in China