David Lee

David Lee is Managing Director of Blueberry, the leading bespoke software house. David started his career as a programmer in the defence industry and then became a technical consultant and project manager in the field of workflow software and business process improvement. Since joining Blueberry in 2010, the business has expanded 5-fold and provides innovative software solutions for clients across all business sectors.


You may have heard of blockchains as the technology underlying the bitcoin currency, but the principle of decentralised ledgers has many other potential applications that could portend a seismic change in the way we all live and do business. From the internet-connected home to instant contracts, blockchains are coming – so find out here the jargon free and simple principle behind them!

David Lee will be speaking in the following theatres:

Theatre 8 - Thursday 11.00 - 11.30: Blockchains Demystified: Business at the Speed of Light


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